Nerds R Us Services

Your wish is our command!

As our company name indicates, we are primarily a service oriented company. Although we have started to sell products as well, we remain committed to our mentality that you should buy it where you find it cheapest and we will service and support it. We do recommend brand names and for the most part we discourage refurbished products or used products, particularly in mission critical installation.

One way we differ from many of our competitors is that we embrace open source solutions many of which are Free! We do not try to fit our clients into a cookie cutter mold, that serves us more than it serves our client. We are not big on rip and replace solutions unless your current installation has reached the point that it is no longer being cost effective.

Our solutions are based on Total Cost of Ownership and Return On Investment.

Let us introduce to you some of the many services we offer.








– Documenting Installations and Procedures

– Validating Installation and Procedures

– Risk Assessment

– Determining Disaster recovery plans

– Estimating Growth

– Determining Needs

– Developing and Planning Solutions

– Proof of Concepts

– And More


– Installation/Configuration of Equipment

– Installation/Configuration of Software

– Installation of Security Systems

– Installation and Testing of Cabling

– Project Management

– Quality Control

– And More



– System Admin Support

– End User / Mobile User Support

– Admin and User Training

– On Site and Remote Access Support

– Troubleshooting

– And More




– Computer Hardware and Peripherals

– Telephone related equiement

– Computer Software License

– Internet/Cloud Services

– Consulting Services

– And Anything Else You Might Need