Nerds “R” Us (NRU) is the brain child of few Nerds that have worked for many of today’s leading computer consulting companies. These Nerds found that today’s consulting firms were subject to many problems that were due to their corporate models. The Nerds of NRU decided to create a new kind of computer consulting company.

NRU ready for quality services.


Our Mission

Nerds “R” Us Services is out to help companies get the most of information technology, by providing computer consulting services geared towards their needs, while focusing on Total Cost of Ownership and Return On Investment.

Company Profile


The Nerds that formed Nerds “R” Us (NRU) all came from computer consulting companies. They tried on many occasions to get the companies they worked for to re-think some of their business models that were detrimental to their clients. It became clear to the Nerds that were more concerned with customer satisfaction than the companies they were working for. In order to change they way people look at consulting firms, they decided to form their own company that would rectify the problems their previous employers did not wish to address, thus creating Nerds “R” Us.


The biggest problem with most consulting firms is their sales model. Manufacturers offer great incentives to the sales force, which makes them recommend products based on their bonuses rather than their client’s needs.


NRU has found that the only way to avoid the sales incentive problem was to advise the clients on what they need and where they can get it. We usually recommend that our clients get quotes from at least two of the resellers we deal with. This allows for competitive bidding and the power of a collective. There are added benefit for your company to deal with our recommended re-sellers. Regardless of how much you spend a year, you may get added reductions on your pricing since we have in the resellers that instead of offering us any kind of kickbacks, we would prefer they give additional rebates to our referred clients. If our clients are un-happy with the service provided with the service provided by our recommended resellers, we will have more clout when addressing issues with them than a single medium or small business would have. You effectively become part of a buying syndicate.


The second problem is the sales force of these consulting firms have very little technical knowledge (other than the jargon). They usually approached clients with solutions in search of problems (again due to manufacturer’s sales incentives). They use techno-bable to convince their clients to opt for new technology.


NRU realized the only way to ensure clients are served properly is to be visited by Nerds that have some sales ability. A Nerd will listen to the client, evaluate the existing infrastructure and make recommendations based on technical merits. A Nerd isn’t interested in selling you products (WE don’t make commission on product sales). If your environment. Sometimes a client will request a product based on limited information. A typical sales rep would just give a quote and take their commission. A Nerd asks the client what exactly they plan on doing to make sure they are ordering the right tool.


The Nerds of NRU are certified specialist of on at least two of the predominant product manufacturers and in some cases as many as five of them.